Plastic Folding Egg Crate

Plastic Folding Egg Crate


1. The product is made of high-grade PP polypropylene raw material, which has good flexibility, folding resistance and impact resistance.

2. The product is solid and strong, with a service life of about 5 years and a long service life.

3. The folded volume of the folding box is only one-fifth of the normal egg box. There are 20 pieces of ordinary egg cartons, and 100 pieces of folding boxes. The freight is also one-fifth of that of ordinary egg cartons, saving shipping costs. Great savings on shipping costs for everyday use too.

4. The folding box can be used with egg trays.

5. The water outlet hole at the bottom of the folding box adopts a special design, which can effectively prevent the egg tray from sliding in the egg box.

6. The folding box can directly take out the egg tray in daily use, which is very convenient to use

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