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  • beer crate
  • beer crate

beer crate

Product origin China Dalian

The beer crate is customized for South Korea’s large brewery . It is produced with PP food-grade raw materials. It is impact-resistant and its appearance is well received by customers. The plastic beer box is our sample submission from 3D printing, custom molds and large batches. Mass production, screen printing and finally export to Korean customers.

beer crate

The advantages of injection molding process:

1.Products with smooth surface can be obtained, without scratches, and the surface characters and patterns are clear.

2.To control the temperature of the mold is to raise the mold to the working temperature that the key point is to keep the mold temperature constant at the working temperature.

3.Because the injection mold manufacturing’ each step is designed and disassembled separately, and various types of molds must be selected according to customer needs in the early stage. Therefore, the customers can choose the type and shape that is suitable for themselves in the required design and the manufacturer can also design and manufacture according to the needs of the customer. Injection molds have many types of choices and flexible designs that is compared with rigid molds.

4.What prove common knowledge is that injection mold processing pays attention to the detail in process building and fully controls the material matching of the mold, at the same time , that has a high quality and is stable.

product show:

Korean injection beer case


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